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Angie's Tomyam

Angie's Tomyam

by nuinui on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello , Im Angie . Graduated this year ! All of my artwork were done during my time in college. Hope you guys enjoy my work !

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Personal Project based on Major Tarot .

Sumizome Project

More personal project i have done .

2050 , The Japanese government have disappeared after their experiments broke out of the lab and ruining the country . A armed force known as Saldo secretly trained a few high school student to be soildiers and help to against fight the governments loose experiments . And the project named Sumizome Project .


Some works i did for this collab project .

Every new years eve, evil spirits are released from a cursed temple to cause terror on Guang city. In response Fin Long, the protagonist, ventures to warn and unite the weak and poor people of Guang city. Along the way, Fin Long is forced to confront an evil from his past with the help of the city's exorcist.

Monster Kids

Some Character design I did for a collaborative project ,

The story takes place in the near future, where technology is modern but not too advanced, on a humble island town. One day, the children of the town begin disappearing, and strange monstrous creatures start appearing in odd places. (i.e. a sleepy pig-like monster appearing in the middle of the street, a bookworm monster coiling around the library, a colorful scribble monster that covers surfaces in messy scrawling.) The government sends workers to try and subdue the monsters (non-violently), but cannot stop all of the monsters from wreaking havoc and causing property damage.

Fan Art illustration 

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