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Sang des Glaciers - Character Modeling

Sang des Glaciers - Character Modeling

Camille Guibert
by CamilleGuibert on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The three Characters I made for my Student Short film: Sang des Glaciers!

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Here is my work on the Character Modeling for my Student Short Film: "Sang des Glaciers". With the advices and ideas of my team members, I came to create the characters, from charater design to texturing (and even to the Rig)

As you can see above, I present you more details about my work. Let's have some explanations about the process, shall we ?

First thing first, the creation of the characters, with the help of some references like Anatomy, 3D references, real life inspirations, etc etc...

For this step, I worked with Photoshop to draw all my designs. 

Then, it's off to the sculpt! I usually work on Zbrush first for my sculpts. Trying to make good proportions, to look like the model,...

After those two steps come, my favorite one: which is Clothes! I used Marvelous Designer for this work. I recently discovered a passion for this software and I am specializing more and more in the manufacture and simulation of clothing. Unfortunately, we didn't have a clothing simulation to do in our film...

Now that the "base" is pretty settled, I made the Retopo on Maya, I think it's a very relaxing process (until Maya start to bug) but really difficult when you want a smooth geometry without too many polys. It was a real challenge to find the right number of polys to have a geometry that can be used in Rig and in Animation. I spent a lot of time on this step.

Next, I worked on Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Designer for the texturing. It's fascinating to see all the textures that can be created with this softwares. I often have really good surprises. I created some Ice Materials on Substance 3D Designer, which you can get a glance of them on the character clothes.

After this, I put it all on Maya, created some sweety lights and then clicked on the Rendering button! Finally, I used the Nuke software to refine my rendering and bring out the textures.

Of course, I then worked on the RIG of the characters in order to be able to make them move. Rig, Skinning, Blendshapes, etc etc...

I now let you with a Process view in pictures of the three characters and their descriptions. Hope you'll appreciate my post.


Carl is a leader. Always there to protect his friends, he is strong and confident.


Samy is a cheerful and very joking character. He tends to act without thinking but it's always him who relaxes the atmosphere.


Ludo is a frail and very shy character. He is small and often hides behind his two friends in case of danger.

Thank you for your attention!

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