Ravana Reimagined-Nishant Thelakkat Concept Art 2022

Ravana Reimagined-Nishant Thelakkat Concept Art 2022

Nishant Thelakkat
by NishantT on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of works, starting with a concept that reimagined Ravana, a Hindu mythological figure that is often depicted as a demon. This depiction shows him in a more benevolent light. This piece, along with other pieces, showcases my concept art capabilities.

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This is a reimagined version of the Hindu mythological character Ravana. Ravana is a figure Ramayana is usually depicted as a villain. However, in other interpretations, he is seen in a more positive light and considered a great scholar. Since he is usually depicted with 10 heads and 20 arms to represent his emotions and skills, I reinterpreted them in a more modern, science-fiction manner that would allow him to appear normal while acknowledging his extra heads and appendages.

Turnaround. This is the base version of Ravana when his arms and heads are not activated

Details for the mechanisms that allow the arms and heads to appear. The heads reflect emotions that define the human experience and the arms represent Ravana's prowess in multiple areas of expertise.

Process sketches

The Cubera is a pan-dimensional creature gifted with telekinetic abilities and flight who terrorizes travelers. Its bizarre appearance results from traversing multiple realities, which causes drastic physical changes such as quartz-like cube protrusions from the head and body. I got the idea as I was learning ZBrush and it was inspired by the interaction of meshes from multiple subtools in the program.

Process-silhouette, clothing silhouette, and color variations

An environment for a project of mine called Pryzmatica, a sci-fi fantasy story where a character explores worlds that each have different color schemes and genres. The idea was inspired by color theory and color relations. This one is a world of demons, and I chose red as the color scheme to go with all the hellish visuals.

Some iterations of the environmental assets and moon.

Composition sketches and work in progress of the final piece

This is Iris, the protagonist of Pryzmatica. An artifact got broken and embedded in Iris, granting her light-based abilities, which she uses in the various colored realms. The color of her light can affect the strength and effectiveness of her abilities.

Final concept and process. The head sketches on the right explore the values while also testing the visuals of the complementary colors.

This is Gabriel, a man who was mysteriously transported into a ruined town on a desert planet. He scavenged a sword and some cloth, which he used to fashion himself some clothing to survive in the new, unforgiving world. This design is from a collaboration on a sci-fi project that is still in the works.

Turnarounds and details

Outfit process-silhouette, line art, and color variations

Sword final concept and process

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