- Prop & Environment (2022) -

- Prop & Environment (2022) -

by SerenaLopez on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These are the jobs I've been working on this year, The Cash Register and The Abandoned Theater. I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!

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With this work I have learned a lot as a 3D artist, blending hardsurface with ornaments. It has been a long but entertaining process to carry out, reaching a very satisfactory result.  I wanted to create a small environment to highlight my prop, so I looked at some references for inspiration.

In the lighting phase, I decided to create a scene both day and night, so that I could create two opposite scenes. Thanks to this, I was able to work with subsurface scattering on the fabrics (courtain and lamp). It was a new process for me and I learned a lot about it.

I chose to make the Cash Register because I wanted to mix two styles, hardsurface and organic ornament modeling. This prop has been a challenge for me, and with it I have learnt many things, especially about texturing. In addition, I have improved my  High Poly technique.

Now I'm going to show the workflow I've followed and the different phases ( High - Low -Bake - Texturing - Lighting ) My favorite phase was the High Poly, because in it you can appreciate all the small details and it's so realistic. For example, I loved doing the side of the Cash Register, and the area that has a welding part as if the zone were assembled.

Finally, I leave you a video so you can see better  the 3D model from all its angles, also showing the wireframe so you can see the mesh of the prop.


This project is based on the theater of  'The Pinnacle Theater' of The Last Of Us 2 and the environment 'Abandoned Theater' by Maarten Hof. I decided to do this kind of environment because I love abandoned places devastated by nature, I think they are beautiful.

This was the first environment I did, it was a challenge, and I wanted to do so many things that I didn't know where to start.

Thanks to this environment I learned many new techniques in Unreal Engine, for example new shaders, vertex painting, decals, lighting... It was a long job, and in the future I will continue to work on it because I want to do the back of the theater and improve others.

To do this work previously I had to look for many references, then I made a blocking, and when I had it more or less on track, I took it to Unreal

Thank you very much for seeing it until the end, and I hope you liked it.

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