Stylized House Valley

Stylized House Valley

by SyrDrake on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Creation of a Stylized Scene, with a House in the Mountains, and with a lot of vegetations and construtions.

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Stylized House Valley

Hey everyone, i'm happy to show you my first 3D Environment project in my portfolio. If you like what i'm doing, you can follow me on my ArtStation and my LinkedIn. Soon Freelancer ;)

So, for my first environment, I decided to create a small area lost in the mountains, where a person would live alone. I wanted to show his constructions and his daily life through the composition. (Video only on my Artstation)

Here are the simple assets make like, Tiles, Walls, Bricks, Wood and Metal Beam ... Made for the creation of the architectural kit, but i used this mesh also for creating StaticMesh which will be used for filling the scene and add a livelier side.

After that, i created a lot of StaticMesh based with this mesh, I also made StatickMesh for the vegetation (Grass, Fern, Flower, Ivy). Only the grass doesn't use Masked Material.

Here is how i created the Water material, and the Grass material using RVT and simulating wind.

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