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Graduation project and portfolio

Graduation project and portfolio

by LudovicOddi on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My graduation project I made at ArtFX Montpellier as Environment Artist and some personnal projects.

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Alaska : an endless night

The first project is my graduation project I made with my team. We were 8 working on it : Clothilde Chopin, Lucas Gille, Antoine Borde, Klara Goetz, Lucie Hennet, Gabriel Garcia and Samuel Hoareau. I was responsible of all the environments of the game from the sclupt and modelisation to the lighting and shading in Unreal engine 4. It was a great experience working along a Game Designer having gameplay constraints.

The old mine

This was the most challenging part of the game environment-wise. I made it using modules and I worked closely with my technical director to ensure a good framerate in this zone.

The trapper's camp

This was the first architectural asset I worked on. The cabin is made of smaller modules and this gave me total freedom in the way I wanted it to look.


I worked with speedtree in order to generate all the trees in game and also some stumps and logs. For the cluster atlas I made it completly procedurally using substance designer. This workflow really helped me to iterate a lot on the artistic direction we were looking for.


The rocks were sculpted on zbrush and textured using tilable textures from substance designer spreading them across the rock using an RGB mask map created on substance painter. This worklow allowed me to duplicate, rescale and rotate the rocks as I wanted without seeing too much repetition throughout the game.

The Glacier

A secondary zone that dives into the natural ice caves of a glacier.

All the textures were made with substance Designer.

SMZ S 3D "hot roder"

Original concept by Andrey Tkachenko. Made with 3ds max and substance painter, rendered in Unreal engine.

Catalyst a TM² Stadium Car

Car made for TrackMania² stadium. I made it keeping the original car's dimensions and integrated it in the game using modding tools. I had to follow the naming of the parts and textures in order for it to work. Created on 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Safiya's environment

Made in collaboration with Clothilde Chopin in order to give a background to her character. Most of the assets are megascans and market place assets but the base and the castle I made.

I also did her sword following the concept by Florent Mounier.

CTL ArchViz

This is a project I did as a freelancer for the company "Concept Travaux Languedociens". I had one month to produce three houses. For the smallest and the biggest I made the plans myself and for the medium one the customer gave me a real plan.

Textures, rocks and foliage from Quixel Megascans. Trees from speedtree.

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