Ella's Motion Graphics Entry 2022

Ella's Motion Graphics Entry 2022

by ellatan on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, I'm Ella! Here's my showreel and some of my motion design works!

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The mood and concept of this advertisement is classy and chic. To achieve this, I placed the product in a studio-like setting and added some spotlights on it. I also decided to animate the oven opening slowly in order to make the advertisement a little more interesting and to also give the audience a clearer look at the inside of the oven.

A mini bear-themed amusement park. For this personal project, I wanted to create a fun and inviting environment for people to enjoy so I went with bright, vibrant colours and beveled/rounded edges to soften everything up.

A high energy and upbeat animation about the adventures of an unlucky circle getting itself into many difficult situations, such as falling, getting trapped and being chased around by other shapes.

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