Hannah Won't Leave

Hannah Won't Leave

Hannah, a woman in her thirties returns to her childhood home when her mother dies. It is 1975 in the remote countryside of Kentucky. Revisiting the house she hasn't seen in many years, Hannah rediscovers the family conflicts of her childhood and relives her brother's runaway.

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Hannah Won't Leave is a first person narrative and investigation game. The player incarnates Hannah. By interacting with certain objects the player will be able to travel in time and discover the buried memories of Hannah's childhood.


Present & Past



Aglaé Chalaux - Lighting & Texturing Artist
Ilona RouxEnvironment & Props Artist
Chloé Fleurose - Environment & Props Artist

Léa HérissonCharacter Artist
Eléonore Da Fonseca - Character Artist

Kevin Chisiac - Technical Artist
Pierre-Louis Rol - Technical Artist

Special thanks to all who helped and supported us !

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