Elena Marin Serna — Concept Art (20-22)

Elena Marin Serna — Concept Art (20-22)

Elena Marin Serna
by Neirelle on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Greetings! I am Elena, a recently graduated Concept Art student. I started my art journey three years ago, joining Artside (Game Art) school after finishing my biology studies. Here is a compilation of some of my work done for the school, thank you for watching!

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In a fantastic universe where myths and legends collide with reality, a girl will have to traverse seas and skies to find her friend's body, kidnapped by a mystic entity. With the help of other companions and her friend's soul fighting next to her, she will travel a vast world, learning how to use her skills, and discovering that mysteries can take form outside and inside ourselves.

This is my last project at Artside (Game Art) School.


Follow the story of Mira, a young street urchin, in her quest to find what she has lost to an undefeated enemy.
Mira's personality is distrustful and rude. Her initial motivations are simply to rescue her friend, eventually warming up to the group that accompanies her in her endeavors.

For Mira's abilities, I explored the idea of a character able to channel the power of the stars. During the daytime, her abilities would be the ones of a common person, having to rely on discretion and stealth. However, during nighttime, she would be able to wield her true strength.

The Void, an unknown entity of powerful abilities, kidnapped Zaire's body to use his blood and lineage for their dark purposes. Still, Zaire's soul managed to get away and now accompanies Mira, as an incorporeal entity, across the Realm.

The main 'enemy' of this universe is veiled in mystery. Why do they want Zaire? why do they allow Mira to chase them? their powers seem to be similar to Mira's, but darker, more ancient, and overwhelming.
For these characters, I had in mind the idea of a humanoid villain with a morally grey background, which could be interpreted differently depending on the point of view. And, for Mira's companion, I wanted to balance a powerful sorcerer with an incorporeal presence, unable to cause a great impact on the world.

Other characters will eventually join Mira, with different intentions. Here are some sketches and explorations for them.


Here are some tools, objects and other belongings of two different characters: Mira, the protagonist, and Captain Rhong-Zhi, the leader of the Leviathan's Left Eye crew. 

I also decided to test a dialogue screen with Mira and Zaire in said Captain's Quarters. It was really fun to do!


This universe has colorful, exotic creatures, adapted mostly to aerial and marine movement rather than terrestrial. I explored friendly ones, the Captain's favorite birds, as well as an enemy who has a certain resemblance with one of the members of Mira's group...


Here are several locations that could be found in this universe. From populated cities to the depths of the abyss, these were really interesting to imagine.

And, to conclude this project, I tried my hand with an in-game screenshot. 


The Olive Children are small tribes who live in the tall branches of the forests. When summer arrives, they will travel to the Steppe plains, to find water and other resources.

This is a shorter project done for Artside, joining several projects together onto a single one. Work done under the supervision of Quentin Regnes, Elodie Mondoloni, Baptiste Boutié and Guillaume Normand.


Works done for Artside (Game Art School), during my 14-months formation.

Character design

VFX design

Props design

A Harbor House — work done under the direction of Jeremy Vitry, following the Art Direction of the game Darksburg.

Indian cuisine — work done under the direction of Camille Peyrebere, inspired by Saltenpepper (Alexandre Diboine)'s style.

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