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The dust in us all.

The dust in us all.

David Prieto García
by DavidDust on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This videogame comes from a personal project in which I try to talk about empathy and mental health by showing of a cute and intense graphic adventure.

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The dust in us all is a personal project in which I mean to create a videogame, a graphic adventure specifically, to learn about empathy and grow internally by also enjoying a bittersweet story with a delicate aesthetic.

''Knowing you are at the other side of my fingertips.''

Dust really doesen't know where he comes from when he wakes up in the middle of nowhere. All he knows is that he is alone with a little spark that follows him. 

The reality is that he was lost long ago in the biggest war the universe ever saw. In the middle of battle a baby is taken from his parents hands, thrown away and just forgotten. A baby from the most ancient beings, floating away through the galaxy asleep but witnessing all. Until one day he wakes up, just for meeting destruction.

Destruction came to every planet, these beings just swallowed their energy claiming it was theirs, since they were the very first ones to ever exist.

The planet Dust is in right now is dying, and there are corrupted creatures willing to attack, dying stars turning into mad golems and some kind of shadow minions comming from the attackers.

Along the way you will find this gifts chests, but if you want to open them you should start saving Stardust motes asap. You can get items to survive on your journey, new clothes and even enemies.

How will that path look like? A hollow pathway, full of fog, dust, wind... It seems like everything has been erased. These scenarios are the very first ones you would walk among Dust.

This cosmic madness is driving the constellations crazy, specially the biggest and most powerful ones.

Dust will have to face them and somehow help them to come back to the sky. Some of them will be angry, rageful, scared or even sad. But all of them will be in need. In need of you.

Scorpio is one the constellations Dust will have to help. Every golem has an InGame mechanic and lore based on their real mythology. 

In this case you will have to free Scorpio's heart, since it is aching because of the wound Orion inflicted him. Be careful with Scorpio's attacks, avoid it's sting and set him free of pain as he returns to the sky.

Before meeting Orion, Dust knows everything he needs to know before heading to the last adventure of the story to finally conquer the heroe's path. Orion has told Dust he and the invaders are the same kind, rulers of the energy.

Now Dust and his little spark enter the dungeon where their fate is waiting.

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