To Heaven

To Heaven

Lorenzo Martini
by Mortino on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A personal project in which I try to recreate a very strange dream/nightmare I had!

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Cover image of the story!

With this project I wanted to visually recreate a really strange dream I had about a clown bringing people to heaven (which was metaphorically called The Circus).

In order to create these renders I approached a different workflow: 

I started using a Metahuman character since I needed a realistic rigged model (my main focus was to visualize a story, I didn't want to create everything from scratch). On Maya I posed the character using the awesome rig and exported it as an alembic in order to simulate and animate the costume on Marvelous Designer!

So I modeled the costume, the mask and the environment (except the table which is from the Megascan library) and then I textured them using Substance 3D Painter and Quixel Mixer for the environment.

After that I created the curly hair using Xgen!

I really love cinematography! I take a lot of inspiration from different movie shots so I can try to create a really good layout and lighting setup for every scene.

For this story I wanted to achieve a creepy horror/thriller look!

I really hope to continue this project by recreating other dreams I had in the past (I really have strange dreams most of the times); I really like coming up with new stories to tell, so I try to mix them with these kind of dreams/nightmares hoping to create something beautiful to watch!

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