VFX Showreel - Steven Martin

VFX Showreel - Steven Martin

Steven Martin
by stevenmartin on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Showcasing a wide range of skills through five key projects, from character creation and animation to detailed hard-surface modelling. Being able to produce these over the past two years has been a passionate, difficult and worthwhile endeavour.

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"WOOODLAND FAERY" - College Project

For college I completed a fully sculpted, retopologised, rigged and animated character using Maya, ZBrush and the Substance suite. This was integrated over provided live-action footage using NukeX for compositing. The origins of the model come from concept artist Brian Froud who inspired our class project. Following this, I gathered detailed reference of potentially relevant anatomy and produced a detailed sculpt relevant to the original drawing. 

Hard-Surface Study / MINOLTA SRT-101 Camera

This personal project features a recreation of my dad's old camera. Many pictures were taken for reference alongside rough measurements, allowing me to create accurate proportions. The project took several weeks and was completed using Blender and the Substance suite. Two addons for Blender, 'Hops-cutter' and 'K-Cycles' were used for additional hard-surface modelling support and performance efficient rendering respectively. Additional texturing was created in designer for the unique leather grip pattern. 

Hard-Surface Study / 3-Pin Plug

Similarly to the Minolta Camera project, this household appliance was based off a real prop at home, photographed then recreated using Blender and Substance. Basic particle simulation was used for the pencil shaving grains.

'Alternate Realities' - Community Challenge Submission

Completed over 10 days, this community submission involved extensive reference gathering, usage of large-scale environments and new techniques. As per the challenge, I worked to a template character and camera animation, needing to match the composition of a circle on the right of the screen in some form. Blender was used to lay out the environment and Mixamo was used to source the character model. The boat was also sourced from Sketchfab and re-textured. Mountain geometry was created using height-maps in Substance Designer.     This project and the YouTube breakdown demonstrates production of larger scale environment creation. The project was given key compositing in HitFilm Pro. 

'AT-AT' - Walker Model, Rig and Animation Project

My last personal project here is a recreation of the iconic 'AT-AT' walker from the Star Wars movie franchise. The entire project, using reference from video games and photographs of the original prop, was modelled, rigged and animated within Blender. 

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