Julie MILLOT - Porfolio Concept Art

Julie MILLOT - Porfolio Concept Art

by juliemillot on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm 21 and I'm a Bellecour Ecole student in my last year. I have a generalist porfolio with props design, environment design, creature design and chara design in different styles from cartoon to realistic. Hope you enjoy my art!

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For this project, I had to design a barn reorganized for a party. This party would turn into a massacre during the night. 

At the bottom, you can see the different lines that represent the barn before, during and after the party. On the right, the two color key of the barn during the day, so before the party. I wanted the disturbing atmosphere to appear progressively: on the first color key, the door downstairs is open to stir up the viewer's curiosity. Then on the second I added a lot of purple in the shadows and I switched on the light inside the room downstairs, to evoke a worrying atmosphere. And finally on the big color key on the left, it shows the barn during the party: I put a dominant green to contrast with the red light coming from the room downstairs, to emphasize the horrific atmosphere.


This project's goal was to creaate a steampunk family photography.

Scarlett, the mother, was described as a strict but loving mom, a real leader for the family; Byron,  as a gentle, dreamy, funny father that would do anything for his daughter; Olivia, the young daughter,  full of life, a little dirty, would be able to behave well if asked. And finally, the pet of the family, Bartonbee, is Olivia's best friend.

Following this description, I had to realize this illustration. I looked up references about steampunk costumes and chose the ones that would fit each character's personality, same for their morphology: tight clothes for the strict tall mom, a round silhouette for the gentle dad with colorful clothes, tomboy clothes for Olivia the adventurous daughter, and Bartonbee would be a bored owl to contrast with the rest.

My reflexion for the posing was to emphasize each character's personality, again. Scarlett is standing straight, holding Olivia's backpack. Byron, delighted, is carrying his daughter on his shoulders and finally, Olivia is proudly showing us her friend Bartonbee striking a pose.

I assumed a blue would be ideal for the door, to higlight the characters' warm colors.

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