Rayan Schuller - Concept Artist and illustration 2022

Rayan Schuller - Concept Artist and illustration 2022

Schuller Rayan
by SchullerRayan on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I am Rayan Schuller , I am a student game artist. I hope you will enjoy my work.

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Hello I am Rayan Schuller, it is a pleasure to participate in the Rookie Award 2022.

Odyssey is a personal project with the goal of making an illustration in one day. My goal is to explore different cultures and make you travel. This project started recently and allowed me to acquire new skills such as blender.


I like to do quick concept art in 2h30. I will present you some of them. Some are personal projects and others are school projects.


This is a project from the beginning of the school year (November). The objective was to make a decor in a post apocalyptic setting and then create a camera mapping on Unity. You can see my thumnails and the final illustration.

Here are the different steps of the illustration.


I am now presenting you some illustrations that I had the opportunity to do.


"The little painter" is the last project of the year. The goal was to take inspiration from a tale in order to reinterpret it.Here we have chosen "The Brave little tailor" from the Brothers Grimm. We created a world that works with magic using gems. Our character is a painter who will travel in a vast island. For this projet, I made many illustrations and concepts. You can see the ones that I find the most outstanding.

I also made props concepts in order to model them in 3d afterwards.


Genghis Khan is the name I gave to a splash art project. I was inspired by Mongolia to create a warrior mastering water.

Thank you for your attention.

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