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A World Of Souls

A World Of Souls

by AldenChia on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A Supernatural Horror Mystery Comedy game made with Unity 3D. A World Of Souls focuses heavily on dialogue and exploration. Players are expected to find objects which will affect the course of the gameplay's story and ending. So hold on to your seats because you'll need to sit through a lot of therapy sessions!

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A World Of Souls is a game I created with Unity3D as one of my projects during my studies. It's a supernatural crime detective comedy game where players have to find objects and go through conversational dialogs to solve the mystery of a murder.

Here are my designs for T.G, the player character, I went through several simple changes but the initial design stayed the same.  The most noticeable difference is how she ended up looking more low poly, which was done to save time and to compensate for my 3D modeling skills.I designed two different faces for the very same reason as before, which is that faces can be a bit hard to model sometimes.

The colours were kept the same since they fitted with the character well enough in the drawing. For texturing, I unwrapped the model and did some material painting on each face to be more accurate in which part was which.

As for the ghosts designs I went for a simple armless appearance, this is because I wanted to give players the impression that they were harmless and innocent, a dead giveaway to the story of the game. The sketches for the male ghost initially had arms but I scrapped it to keep it consistent with the story.

The house was fairly easy to design, I imagined the house to be a very long and spacious two-story house. The reason I chose this was because I did not want to give players a claustrophobic experience and wanted them to have a bit more fun exploring the house.

Since the game is dialogue intensive, in order to give users a more comfortable and enjoyable user experience I added silhouette's of the character head's when talking. This would ensure that players would always know who was speaking at that current moment.

Journal design was more or less easy to design since I had the design nailed down quite early on. I wanted to keep it as down to Earth as possible while explaining some background lore for the characters without spoon feeding the players too much with exposition through talking.

There is actually an inventory system in the game that focuses on how many items the player had. They were recorded in the in-game journal to help guide players to any mission items they could have missed. 

These came in 2 versions, the unfound and found versions. Silhouette's and different text gave hints towards where the items could be. These would change when player's found and picked up the corresponding items.

These are my early impressions of how dialogue would have been in the game, the final outcome was less polished than what was intended but I still managed to get what I wanted done.

The final outcome.

That's all, thank you for reading!

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