From Games to Archviz/Interior Design

From Games to Archviz/Interior Design

Konstantina Beratze
by konstantina on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A year of freelancing and leveling up in archviz, while exploring my design style through personal projects.

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Clean & Modern

A living space designed & visualized from scratch.

Every material was chosen with attention to detail, to harmonize and unify the space together.

Heaven is luxurious

Stone is the main element of this project. Accompanied by wood and a natural color scheme, it creates a tranquile feeling to the viewer.

A kid's heaven 

Not A Typical Barn

A remodelled barn in align with my design perpective.

A personal project that helped me identify my style and explore interior design together with the visualization aspect of it.


My passion for experimenting led me to unlock all borders and try a very colorful and maximal approach to interior design. In this project, I found furniture pieces from my favorite designers and modelled everything from scratch, to test both the modelling/texturing and design process.

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