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Bouzehouane Léo - Concept Art 2022

Bouzehouane Léo - Concept Art 2022

Bouzehouane Leo
by Sildyrlive on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is some of the best work I did during my training at New3dge concept art school during the last two years.

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Hello everyone I am Leo Bouzehouane a french aspiring concept artist with a focus on environments and architecture. I am graduating from New3dge concept art school this year and I will share with you some of the work I did during those two years. I hope you enoy it and don't hesitate to tell me what you think about my work.

Mojin was a project done for the game art section of the school to give them interesting visuals to work on for their graduation project. The theme was a tomb raider-like adventure set in China and I had to design an abandonned buddhist temple hidding the path to a secret tomb carved inside the mountain.
I worked on this project with Cyprien Rousson and Robin Costet who designed the characters and the rest of the environments.

Trials is a graduation project done at New3dge. It is inspired by the greek mythos and the trials of Heracles.

Thanks to Karine Vilette and Balasz Agoston for their great feedbacks during the project.

For this project my task was to design an ancient medieval crypt serving as a lair for a hiddeous spider monster.

Other Projects

Thanks to the whole new edge team and the teachers for giving me the opportunity to learn and progress so much during the last few years.

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