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Joel Wallón
by JW on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Immersive VR/Game prototype: [No new external store assets were used. The Skybox from Starfield Skybox (Pulsar Bytes). "BG" music with permission. The Screen Asset and XR-Rig came with the project. Everything else, shaders, textures, code and models were created].

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This Immersive VR Game prototype is loosely based on the ancient myth of Sisyphus and rolls with a humorous nod to literary & philosophical themes like the eternal return and the joy (?) of repetition.

Cast into a virtual Hades, you push a disgruntled orb down a surreal rabbit hole, run up some endless stairs and then do it all over again on another level of digital hell - until the gods of the grid set you free.

To put it short: "Sisyphus2000" is a sly twist of fate.

I directed, wrote & voice acted while the brilliant 3D-artist David Biegun shaped and programmed this immersive game prototype for VR.

All was made during two intense weeks of Dinesh Punni's Immersive Insiders VR class (Via Future Games Stockholm).

Music by Magnus Ericsson.

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