The Journey of a New Era

The Journey of a New Era

by Christian0577 on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

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The Journey of new Era..

Hi my name is Christian Alvarado, I´m from Panama City, Panama, this is my new journey of these new Era of ArchViz, I always challenging me a trying to go forward. In these opportunity I took the opportunity to present a few Projects.

I you to Butic The New Learning School and all the Crew of teacher for all the support and knowledge that they were sharing with us.

Also I´d like say thanks to all the group of students, who had supporting and helping always.

The Quincha House

These projects are dedicated to all the countries that had this type of construction. In my Country Panama, they represent a beautiful tradition in the interior of the specific country in a place called Azuero. Construction began in 1860 and they were very colorful, resistant, fresh and economical. They were a monument to solidarity. It was the work, effort and cooperation of neighbors, friends and family, who celebrated the joy of creating a new home with this beautiful tradition.

The men were in charge of the construction and the hard work made the "Junta de embarra" or mud mixture.

, also carrying the wood, the roofing and the dry cane to support the walls. The women were in charge of feeding the workers and playing beautiful songs.

The beauty of the Construction of this type of Houses was the social mentality that existed in each human being, regardless of their social conditions, they always had something to share, a cup of coffee or a piece of cheese. Always people happy to share no matter if they didn't have anything else to eat.

La Casa de la Quincha a lost tradition….



Making a ArchViz of a Paint - Gaetano Chierici

Creating a 3d Modeling for a paint of a Artist. For this practice I decided to take a paint of Gaetano Chierici who was a Italian painter in the decades of 1872, he was born in Italia in 1830 in the city of Reggio Emilia. Their paintings represent the naturalism and realism with de human figure. I choose the paint of “A mother winding yarn with her children in an interior”, 1900.

For me it was a great challenge because you need to recreate a scene that maybe doesn´t have the real illumination that’s the Vraysun or Vray Sky make in the 3ds Max. Also all the assets were modeling trying to look like the the paint of Gaetano Chierici.


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