3D Creatures and Environment Assets for The Phantom Lands

3D Creatures and Environment Assets for The Phantom Lands

Tabitha Lawson
by littletemmiecat on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Just a few of the assets I created for my 3rd Year university project, plus two fan-favourite creatures which can be encountered in the game.

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Below is some of the artwork I made for my 3rd Year university team's project, The Phantom Lands, an open-world immersive sim fantasy survival game. 

The game can be downloaded and played here: https://lord-224.itch.io/the-phantom-lands

I created over 60 unique 2D and 3D assets completely from scratch for this game over the course of 7 months, from September 2021 until now! These included creatures, environment objects and UI pieces.

For this project, I took the lead as creature artist, both concepting and modelling all of our game's wildlife. We decided from the start of production that we wanted unique fauna which combined features from real-life animals in strange and interesting but believeable ways to fill our fantasy environment. Willorin (bearded dragon-horse) and Harpstrich (skeletal cassowary) were the fan-favourites!

Here is a diorama I created using my environment assets from The Phantom Lands. My aim for the style of our game was to ooze vibrant funky quirkiness, using a strict colour pallette and simple shape and form whilst having bright and attractive lighting and particle effects.

I will likely be making a lot more of these little environment dioramas, as they are so pretty and display all of the hard work that was put into designing a cohesive environment.

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