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Ruined Gameboy

Ruined Gameboy

by nicodalena on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I decide to make this project because since i was i child i was alaways fascinated by consoles and videogames in general. I was able to do everything in little more than a month, it was a great way to learn new skills and improve myself .

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Complete Model Renders

With this render i wanted to emphasize the the lcd and battery led emission, to make the effect more clear i added 1 area light roughly the same size for both the components with the texture in the color parameter.

After that i created an atmospheric effect in the Arnold render settings and last i added two area light, one on the right side of the model and one above.

By the way I created this malinconic mood because i wanted to exalt the fact that is an old ruined GameBoy.

Details Renders

Model Process View

to make the screen effect as similar as possible to reality i made all the components (lcd, glass, sticker,led)and gave each one of them it's own texture.

Texturing Process

For the  texturing process i exported my model as an FBX to Substance Painter where at first i made all the materiasl for each components and then i added detail such as fingerprints scratch and dirt. For making the dirt realistic only the generators provided in the program were not enough so i decided to add a fill layer and hand paint the remaining details for each component.


I searched  the internet for as much reference as possible of every little detail but i struggled to find them so in addition to the references i found  i decided to make screenshots of youtube videos were people restored old crappy GameBoys. By doing that i was able more or less to have all i needed for reference. Later i found a website with great photos and i ended up using them too (

Topology Turntable

Making the wireframe shader for Arnold was a real challenge because Arnold doesn't allow you to render the original topology of your model unless you don't make a custom shader. Fortunatly i found this youtube tutorial ( and i was able to make this beautifull shader renders.

Uv Checker Turntable


for this project i ended up using six 4k resolution udims and a texel density of 200.

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