My Stylized Journey - Jaryn MacInnes

My Stylized Journey - Jaryn MacInnes

by jarynmacinnes on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is a reel of 3 of my favourite projects I worked on in these last 4 months. I hope to share more of my work and progress as I learn and grow from these.

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Hey everyone, I'm Jaryn MacInnes I'm very excited and very nervous to share with you my first entry into The Rookies ever. I started modeling as a small hobby in 2018 and eventually ended up going to and graduating from the Vancouver Film school in late 2019. Since graduating I've been very self conscious about my work not seeing as much progress as I'd like and often comparing my stuff to my classmates. This is what stopped me from entering in past years but this year I wanted to try and out myself out there more and enter the best work I feel I could get done in 4 months. These are the 3 pieces of a couple that I felt I was happy with. Thanks for taking the time to view them!

Cyberpunk Power Unit

This was the first small project I did at the start of March and is based on a concept art piece done by the amazing Dilara. I wanted to focus on improving my stylized PBR texturing and move away from the mindset that all details should be modelled.

Hacking Energy Drink

I found this fantastic concept art by, Stefano Andrieri, of a Sci-Fi energy drink in a blender style container and thought this would be good practice for some simple modelling with details added with textures and painted normal/height maps. 

Stylized Grey Blade

This was the most recent project I worked on and I am actually very happy with how this one turned out since it's the first time I wanted to try texturing an asset with handpainting. This asset was from the Stylized Blades concept art done by the talented Arthur Malagon. This project taught me a lot about handpainting in terms of light and how it interacts with different materials when we don't have the roughness or metallic channels to help..

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