Legouini Clément
by LegouiniClement on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, i'm a french student in New3dge (Paris). My entry is about my graduation project "Tetsu no Hada" and some of my work done over the past two years in my school. I hope you will like it !

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Tetsu no Hada is a personal project born from my frustration with the closure of Japanese borders and therefore multiple canceled trips. This project was a good outlet and a way to work on the contrast, an element that is very present in this culture.

" The threat from under the mist grows. The populations are at risk by taking the dangerous "Iron Road". This road, shaken by the deployment of the “Hands of God”, the powerful giant armor with a divine firepower, made for them, the goal being to reconquer the lands from under the mist. "

 "Hand of Amatsumara", a ceremonial armor that is under repair

Many are those who take the "Iron road" to go up the sea of ​​mist. However, between the climate and the vibrations of the deployments, even the maintenance teams deplore daily losses.

Big thanks to Karine Villette & Balazs Agoston who followed me along my final project.

Here is some of the work I made during my two years at New3dge.

Here is my work on the game art project "Umiko" which is a super colorful top down game taking place in a Fantasy Japanese universe. The Godess Kurage's tears are flooding the world, the mission is to bring back her 3 children through three different biomes to console her and restore balance.

It was amazing to work on that kind of stylised project. I was asked to work on the third biome " The Kappa's Island ", to think of a system for a flying bridge which would lead to kurage and to develop a level design prototype.

I also hid some animals into the project feel free to catch them all ;) !

I worked on this project with Farlay Ian, Bidault Guillaume, Pertays Nicolas & Ripert Arthur

Game art team : Thomas Corvée, Joe Rodrigues, François Larrieu, Antoine Zavagno, Gustave Besnard, Mathieu Méchaussier, Maxime Lecas and Aniss Laghsas

Here's a paintover of a 3D base that the Game art team sent me telling me " Do what you want, have fun!".

I also worked on a VFX project called Eonia, which is a short movie in a Sci-fi / fantasy universe.

It's about Eo's quest, general of his legion, who ventures into a forbidden planet to revive Thanatos, ''The godess of death'' to implore her help for the war.

I made the concept for the temple of Thanatos, the invocation mechanism and for a volcanic biome where Thanatos's titans army was thrown. I also made some keyframes.

I worked on this project with Robin Costet, Tanguy Macq, Raphaël Agnus and Cyprien Rousson

VFX team : Eloise Fontimpe/ Jason Mathieu/ Axel Leparmentier/ Bastien Foreau/ Amaury Renard/ Pauline Furon / Carina Loiseau/ Kilian Vandenhende

Here is the design shot of the Temple of Thanatos.

When the alter lowers, and the flames form into a butterfly, the six pillars are activated freeing Thanatos who was trapped in them.

Here is a some keyframes & paintovers I did to help the VFX team

Thanks to all the teachers who shared their knowledge and kindness.

Thanks to the school, to Fabien Roumazeilles and Aurélien Fournier who gave me the opportunity to take part in this adventure !

Thanks to all the amazing friends I met in the school and with whom I had the opportunity to work !

Thanks to my friends Jason De Loos & Florent Desailly who keep pushing me since my early beginnings !

Thanks to my family who have been a strong support.

Love you guys, I hope we'll cross paths again.

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