Stylized Fiat 128 Rally

Stylized Fiat 128 Rally

Pedro Henrique Boschetto
by PedroBoschetto on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

For this project I decided to model, texturize and render a stylized car, not just a random car, but a Fiat 128 Rally.

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For this project I decided to model, texturize and render a stylized car, not just a random car, but a Fiat 128 Rally.

This is the final result:


I’ve always liked the Fiat 128 because even in real life it seems to have come out of a cartoon, so I decided to recreate this old 70’s car in 3D stylized version.


I remade the concept by stretching the original vehicle and making it in a cartoonish way, so I started looking for references of everything I needed


Once I collected all the references I start modeling in Maya.


After I modeled everything (bodywork, interior and engine) I made the textures. To make the various stickers of the car I created the alphas on photoshop, then I applied them directly to the mesh with Substance Painter.

I created two versions of the textures, one pre race (clean car) and one post race (dirty car)

With the the help of my illustrator friend (Noemi Frulio) , who made me a tilable custom alpha for my tires, I used ZBrush for the tires pattern

I then printed the alpha on the tires, creating a High Poly version for the bake with Substance Painter

This is the final render of the wheel

These are the results of some of my best props


Now to complete this project there is just one thing missing: the RIG, which allows me to pose my Fiat. I then asked to a friend (Lorenzo Ruggiero) , who created me all the joints, controls and rig functionalities while I was tooking care of the various Driven Key of the shock absorbers.

Final Notes

I really appreciated working to this project because the thing that satisfied me the most of it was that I learned a lot of new things and enriched my knowledge of 3D.

I would like to thank some friends who helped me a lot in this project.

Matteo, Noemi, Lorenzo, Angelica, Christian, Alison and Sara
Thank you guys :)

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