Xabier Eizaguirre | REEL

Xabier Eizaguirre | REEL

Xabier Eizaguirre
by Xabeiz on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My best VFX work Sisyphus | TRAILER A sci-fi adaptation of the ancient greek mith of Sisyphus. A showreel of my VFX capabilities all together on a single trailer. Also some of my student work in modeling, texturing, FX...

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Sisyphus Trailer

Sisyphus is a short film intended to demonstrate all my VFX capabilities. I´m still shooting the short film, but as I mentioned the objective is to show off my VFX work. 

This is a trailer and a reel of the effects that will be used in the final short film. Featuring, modeling, texturing, enviroment, FX, compositing... My main software for lighting and render is blender but I have experience with both maya and blender. All the FX were made in Houdini and rendered in blender and the compositing made in Nuke.


StormCrosser - The Ship

3D Modeling

Early 20th century merchant ship, 3D modeling in blender and textuing in Substance Painte.

3D Modeling

Nebuchadnezzar ship from The Matrix feature film

Student Reel | HOUDINI FX

Here some of my work made in the HoudiniFX and compositing master at AnimumSchool

*All the 3D models were provided by AnimumSchool*

Thank you!

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