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Afterdeath - Videogame Teaser & Prototype

Afterdeath - Videogame Teaser & Prototype

David Zamora
by heartlessvi on 9 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

"Afterdeath" is a narrative-driven 3D platformer designed in Unreal Engine 4. This is my graduation project for Universidad San Francisco de Quito where I got my B.A. in Digital Animation. I was in charge of the design, 3D art, original idea and programming. Tutor: David Larrea, Motion Graphics: Iván Eldredge

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Afterdeath - Teaser: It shows the cinematics of the first level and the gameplay of the videogame.

Synopsis: Inanis wakes up in an unknown world, memoryless. He meets Vox, who offers to guide him in the exploration of this world until he regains his memory. When Inanis finally regains his memory, Vox reveals to him that he is dead. After meeting with "god", Inanis must decide whether to stay in that world or return to life.

Afterdeath - Level Design & Gameplay: It shows the overview of the level and the gameplay mechanics. It was the first time I developed a videogame by myself. I used UE4 to develop the game and render the cinematics.

Afterdeath - Showreel: This video helps to visualize every model, sculpture and overviews of the level design. It has three art components: 

1.- Characters: Fatum, the god (30376 tris); Vox, the guide (13498 tris); Inanis, the protagonist (12334 tris)

2.- Modular Level Design: 18 modules used in a spline system to build the level (max polybuget: 3000 tris, average polybudget: 1487 tris).

3.- Game Assets: 10 models used to decorate and complete the look of the game (max polybuget: 5400 tris, average polybudget: 2743 tris).

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