Of Kobolds and Characters || Jay Mooney's  Real-Time Character  Showcase

Of Kobolds and Characters || Jay Mooney's Real-Time Character Showcase

Jay Mooney
by Valoxiax on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

All the work below showcases the character work Ive done throughout my 2nd year at the University of Hertfordshire and the start of my journey through Character Art, in decending order. Shout out and HUGE thanks to all my friends, classmates, lecturers and mentors that have helped me throughout the year!

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Jikai is my 3rd character and what I created for our 2nd year final project, Spring, which was made with these awesome people: Darina Koycheva  || Diana Karakushyan  || Catarina Rees  || Rose Tolley 

Go check out the whole project HERE for more details after you finish browsing 

What was most important to me  was making sure Jikai was as best as I could make him for the lead animators on the team + the freelancers that helped. His robe was simulated in the game engine to allow for the robe to flow and the back-sleeve to flop.

Spirit Statue

The enemy Jikai Faces within the temple.

                             Spear and Arrows that impale the Spirit within the scene

Environment scenes and Otter are not of my creation, further credits of the core team, freelancers and 3rd part work can be found on the 'Spring' Rookies page, along with the whole project. Go check it out !

Jikai rigging - Guarav Garg || Jikai Idle Animation & Spirit Rigging - Rose Tolley || Jikai Concept - Cat Reese

3rd Party: Teeth HighPoly - Myriam Farraces Garcia || Eye Generator - Soi


A university Project and my 2nd character of the year featuring a more realistic creature
The lovely concept art is the work of Lucas Parolin (With permission!)

Fullbody : 33,482 || Hair Groom: 3178 || Bow: 750 || Full Arrow: 210

56,696 Quads in all

Charlie the Springbok Racer

She was my first real attempt at character creation & the start of my journey for honing my real-time character skills at the beginning of 2nd year, like when I first started learning marvellous designer.

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