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Moose Around Game

Moose Around Game

Rikard Röhr
by rohr on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A moose on the loose messing around in human territory. Dashing, bashing and making a total mess! Oh there is more, a hidden dark lore is lurking in the darkness... Trailer:

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And indiegame made by students in 6.5 weeks.

Play the newly released game for free at:

Eat apples and explore the beautiful handcrafted environments . Oh hey, why not Moose Around a little while doing so? (There is a hidden lore lurking in the shadows, see if you can reveal the truth!). The moose can interact with almost everything in the game so while you are moosing around do not forget to DASH, BASH and TRASH!

Made by 7 students at Yrgo, Game Creator, Gothenburg - Sweden.


William Ullholm - Lead Programmer

Luis Gómez Vecchio - Project Leader, Programmer, Music & Sounds

Rikard Röhr - Programmer & Game Design Leader


Anna Björkman - Artist

Sandra Caraan - Artist, Scrum Master & Animation

Alexander Höglind - Artist

Sebastian Claesson - Artist

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