BLUTGELD is a Third Year Games Art project produced by students at the University of Hertfordshire. It is a Third-Person Action-Adventure game set in the fictitious city of Nevo Castera. By Bruno Pires, Daniel Ravenhall, Joseph Davis, Aslan Clarke, Sam Huggett & Marlon Gouveia

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Game Art Project

Set decades after the brutal and bloody invasion into the newly discovered continent, greedy expansion-hungry nobles from the East Continent devastated and ravaged the homelands of the new continent's native population known as Mainlanders.

Although armed with their advanced armadas and state-of-the-art firepowder halberds, aptly known as Ash-Spitters, the invading forces, due to the continent's harsh environment, only managed to stake claim to the ancient civilisations port city they now name Nova Castera.

Though Nova Castera is not the paradise the Eastern powers once thought, in the decades since with crown funding withered, crime syndicates flourishing more than ever and the Mainlanders seeking to liberate their ancestral home, Nova Castera is more unstable than ever.

You play as the ex-noble cast out from his home turned smuggler, Yosef deFrey, on his self-centred journey to find a wealth of his own in spite of his shamed family. Blinded by his search for self-made gold and glory, Yosef only seeks to gain for himself, whether or not that means killing anyone who stands in his way Man or Mainlander.

Throughout Yosef’s journey to discover ancient Hexes just asking to be flogged, will his eyes be opened to causes greater than his own or is he truly the outcast his family saw him to be?


Yosef deFrey

Born the 4th son to a noble house, Yosef was bound to inherit nothing on succession, deciding to instead commit his youth to drinking and gambling. When finally cut off by his father out of shame, Yosef, full of spite, aimed for a life of luxury without them. In search of a new life of fortunes and freedom, Yosef was swept up in the false dream of a swashbuckling life as a conquistador. Joined the King's Army and sailed to the New World.

Now, as an ex-conquistador dissatisfied with the gold and glory he received as a young man during the war, Yosef turned instead to the unmagestic profession of smuggler, or as he preferred to see it, “Merchant". Dead set on earning riches and fame, he is no stranger to dealing with troublesome individuals and shady organizations.

Geared with an Ashspitter, a Hex of his own and an ego that could sink an armada, Yosef de Frey is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Raised amongst the ruins of an ancient civilisation War’vik grew up no stranger to it's mysterious runes and artefacts. Using it's advanced knowledge and sciences to excel in and truly master the craft of Weapons Engineering.

When the invasion from the East arrived in War'vik's youth his expertise in the field made him a valuable asset to the invading force. With the threat on his people looming and the grand wealth to be made, War'vik's need for an easy life superseded his principles. Deciding to help the occupying force as a Wrench-for-Hire instead of hinder them. This choice left him shunned and an outcast of his former people. With a very dwindled social circle remaining, War’vik befriended only the lowliest of criminal scum and the occasional smuggler... or was it merchant?

The Mainlanders 


The Mainlanders are a group we take special care to make sure they are represented right, due to the games setting of a newly discovered Western Continent and them being the main inhabitants of it is easy to make the comparison between them and people such as the Native Americans.

Although this was not entirely intentional, because of it we made sure to represent the Mainlanders in a fashion which was respectable and avoided any harmful stereotypes.

We also took careful consideration to make the Mainlanders not a band of vicious or typically ‘evil’ looking opponents, although they are the antagonists in Yosef’s story they are far from villains. The Mainlanders are instead a group of freedom fighters viewed through the perspective of an invader ignorant of their struggle.

When pitching these designs to our freelance concept artist Joao we made these points essential, alongside a need to make them a non-human species but avoiding any overused creatures such as orcs, elves, dwarves etc. etc.

The Mainlanders

The Mainlanders

Nevo Castera Guard


The Streets of Nevo Castera 

War'vik's Workshop

The Back Alleys


Animation Showreel

Tools and FX




The Ashspitter

The Ashspitter is Yosef deFrey's custom halberd-musket hybrid weapon, a fine tool for stabbing and slashing up-close and a force to be reckoned with at range.

The Artefact

The Artefact is a peculiar Hex which appears to the naked eye as a typical oil lantern. However, this magical tool is truly more than meets the eye.

Various Freelancer Props

Various Materials

The Team

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