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Environment art and game development projects

Environment art and game development projects

Boris Radoslavov Petrov
by borispetrov on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Showcase of my work thorughout the past year, from personal to team projects.

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                   Western Saloon

The saloon is a personal project I have been working on for the past month and a half in unison with my university work. My main goal was to create a realistic western saloon and get to test some of the new features in UE5 like Lumen and Nanite. I chose to do a saloon as I could practice both my modeling and environment art skills as well as create a visually interesting scene with a lot of character and awesome lighting. Alongside my models I have used Quixel for some of the props and materials for the walls and floor.


Here are some of the models I've made for my university project game, Bladegunners. BladeGunners is a first-person, online arena shooter game. It utilises skating movement mechanics to allow for rail grinding on certain objects in the arena which will charge up the player's energy-based weapon. I had real blast working with my team this past year and I'm grateful for the experiences I had and relationships we built. You can check the Rookies page ro the game here :
The idea behind the shogun was to create a robust, menacing and cool looking design that would convey power. Though it has the least potency at range and the smallest magazine of any gun, the raw damage output of the shotgun is unmatched. I wanted the model to reflect that so I kept it fairly simple, sticking to angular, simple shapes and a more classic gun look. 
Some of my props for Bladegunners

             Yastreb-03 Jet Fighter

Futuristic jet model I worked last study block, based on a concept by DOFRESH. I fell in love with the silhouette and the design of the fighter so I decided to make it by adding my own twist to it. I saw it as an opportunity to push my modeling and also tackle something challenging that blends organic and hard surface. You can check out the original concept here:

Thanks for checking out my projects!

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