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Ninfa Martínez - Concept Art Portfolio

Ninfa Martínez - Concept Art Portfolio

Nympha Martínez Alonso
by NymphaMoon on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, my name is Nympha and this is my copillation of student proyects for the master course in Voxel School and my personals concepts. These projects are from this year 2022 and they are all works that I would like to continue. Without further delay, I present them to you.

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WARNET: Beyond Fantasy

WARNET is a post-apocalyptic setting which merge tech and fantasy. Axes,  swords and mystic powers coexist with guns and ancient technology in this world with no mercy...

This is the story of how Laik, the last human on earth, is persecuted for her telekinetic and divinatory powers.

Another characters of WARNET accompanying Laik. These are Spam the dwarf and Foulowin the elf.

Laik Weapon

Annie Bunny: The Legend

I present to you Annie, the captain of a pirate ship run by women that everyone creates a myth for fear of the public scandal of being defeated by women. We are in the eighteenth century so the machism of the time would never have let this discovery come to light.

The captain is dressed in Spanish military clothing and her ship is also from the same army, although of course both of illicit origin.

The two male characters are the captain of the Portuguese ship with his inseparable dog and the second in command.


Do you want the best coffee  that you can find in the woods? Which do you prefer with your coffee, a cupcake or a croissant? The fairy maids will attend you in a second!

Your favourite maids fairies in the wood!  Amina, Ariana, Anna and Alesta make sure you are well served.


What would happend if a zombie apocalypse starts in the middle of a music fest? Let's see the weird characters that probably survive (or not) this crazy situation!

Laila Concept

She is the geek of the group, what a great coincidence that she has brought her guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse!

Other works

Here I leave you an amalgamation of studies and projects that I have been doing this year: study of objects, animals, expressions and anatomy, also concepts of creatures, props and enviroments.

Study Animals Anatomy

Study of Anatomy-  Hands and Arms

Studies of expressions

Criature Concept

Prop Concept- Box



I hope you liked it

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