Smack Super Down

Smack Super Down

Smack Super Down is a Wrestling show produced during our 3rd year at ESMA Nantes.

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Welcome to Veeegaaassss! We are in 1986, an exceptional year for the wrestling world. It's been 20 years already! 20 years that Smack Super Down, a real institution in the whole world, is on the air. And for this occasion, what could be better than a special Christmas edition of the All Stars between the two wrestling legends: Butch and Komata.

Smack Super Down is a 20 seconds short movie produced during our 3rd year at ESMA Nantes. This project was a 6 weeks production for our final exam : "The Zapping". 

Butch Turn

Komata Turn

Directed by :

Philippine GABORY / Margaux HUVE / Hugo PORCHER / Ines SANCHEZ / Emma SIRET / Lina SAMYLOURDES

Original score by :

Téotime AGUILAR / Maxence COUTANT

Voices :



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