Hello everyone, we are proud to show you our graduation project done for New3dge. We were 5 working on it, during 8 months and it was a cool challenging experience, we hope you'll like it.

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Mojin is a third person action-adventure game wich took place in China during the middle of the 20th century.

You play as Li Chao, a young adventurer in search of the last part of Tai Zu's disc, a mystical artifact which legend has it that it gave its owner the power of immortality. 


Gameplay Teaser


The temple is the first place you will have to explore in order to continue your quest.


After finding the secret path, you will come across a giant fresco, representing the emperor and his army. 

Tomb Gate

The dragon's gate is like a portal, opening on the emperor's world.


You will walk through a small village, where people are like frozen in there daily life.


Under the pagoda are the lovely concubines of the emperor. 

Emperor's Fortress

After crossing the front line of the emperor's army, you will have to walk up the stairs to finally complete your quest. Here you'll see the remains of Tai Zu's immortal army.

Emperor's Altar

Finally, you reach the altar where the disk should be placed, and you'll be able to release it's power. 

Map Overview

Making Of

Mojin team : 

 Vincent Luu, Character Artist 

Alexandre Benyahia, Character Artist 

Yutian Li, Environment Artist 

Nathan Bertelo, Character Artist 

Théau Guettier, Props Artist   

Thanks :

We'd like to thank Cyprien Rousson, Robin Costet and Léo Bouzéhouane for their amazing concepts. 

Also, special thanks to New3dge's administration members and teachers for their support. 

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