Divine Birds

Divine Birds

by AmyB059 on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These three Divine creatures are not to be feared, they care for their planet and the life that grows and dies there. The reason I went with these animals is because I wanted to take an old project further. At university I created three creatures, one of which was an owl, which inspired this project

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The Owl of Prophecy

The Owl of Prophecy reigns over its planet, it is said to lay dormant for millenia until the day of Reckoning.

Thought process of the Owl of Prophecy

The Crow of Life

The Crow of Life often keeps to its home the Willow Grove, for moments of peace. It grants life to the ground below with the clouds that form around its neck and tail

Thought process of the Crow of Life

The Robin of Death

The Robin of Death resides in the realm of Souls, ferrying wayard souls to their floating Island, oftne finding solitude in the memories of the deceased.

Thought process of the Robin of Death

Initially I was unsure of what bird to go for, I was thinking of a heron, and going for a more water themed type creature, but decided to settle with the Robin as they are known for their vicious nature

Some initial background ideas

Before I had fully realised any of the birds, I thought about what sort of environments I wanted for them and I thought about doing an Ocean Palace, but eventually scrapped the idea as I felt the birds needed to appear more free and in a more natural environment

The Trio

The three beasts together, for height clarification

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