Concept Art Entry - Lucchetti Théo - 2022

Concept Art Entry - Lucchetti Théo - 2022

by TheoLucchetti on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Théo Lucchetti ! I'm a Young Concept Artist and Illustrator from France and this is my Entry to the Concept Art Contest for the rookies 2022 !

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Even is a Video Game Project planned and produced by OtherSight Studio. A Wonderful bunch of Game Designer Students of Bellecour Ecole.
I had the chance to be contacted to work on the project as Concept Artist focused on Character design.

All in the company and support of another talented fellow Concept Artist, Violette Hugues !

The Main Idea behind Even is to create a Puzzle/Open World Experience, Highly influenced by games like Journey and Abzu.

Our Story starts on a galaxy unknown where a Planet suddenly finds it self torn into to Version.
One Destroyed by Sand and Heat.
One Destroyed by Water and Cold.

We play has a descendant of the tribes and survivors of the catastrophe.
A Space Traveler Healer coming back to the ground of his Ancestor to restore the Planet.
To Make it Even.

As the Character Designer for this project I had to create a design easy to read in both of the Version of the worlds since "The Traveler" could teleport between both iteration.

Numerous props and accessories were needed to convey different part of the gameplay. The bag serves as a meter, the Arm as a grabbing device and the Chimes as an indicator of resources.

A turnaround of the Character was important to help the 3D Artist Sculpt and Rig the Character.

I had the opportunity to work on other domain of Concept of the Game.
Like Environmental Props and Actual Environment.

Here another Character Design Project and Production since I Conceptualized and actually drawn most of the 2D Assets Used in this Project.

Last year I was contacted to work on this Character Mod for the game Darkest Dungeon.

The producers wanted to bring to life a character that showed a real struggle for power.

As shown above I proposed different sketch based on their initial Idea of a Peasant being controlled by bandages.
Then came my idea of him having a sword for an arm.
It became a vital point of the character's design.

I had to have a few iteration to nail down the wonderful yet difficult Art Style of Darkest Dungeon

The mod is downloadable and playable !

I had the incredible opportunity to be challenged by the famous Illustrator and Concept Artist Anna Lakisova to create a Character in a Medieval/Gothic/European Settings with a lot of conditions.
It was really interesting to go through another artist's process.

Another project where I was the lead concept Artist for Characters.
For this Short Movie, about Movie Theater Snacks trying to escape, I had to create an esthetic and homogeneous cast of colorful characters to incarnate different stereotypes.

Here's some renders based on my concepts.

One of my most recent work. Most of my process was supported by the incredible incite of the famous illustrator and concept artist Margaux ZINSNER .

Thank you for your attention !

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