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Douliere Noé - 3D animation entrie

Douliere Noé - 3D animation entrie

by Noe on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Noé, student at MoPA school, in the south of France. This was my first year in 3d study and i think i'm going to the 3d animation sector especially. I share with you my two best projects, I hope you will like them. See you

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               IMMERSION - Group project for Arles museum 

IMMERSION was my first group project, good first experience. I mostly worked on the beginning shots. i done also environnment modeling, composting ,rigging and animation, and some animation and also some objects during the book.

@noedouliere / / @jkuipers_art / @mlle_pysthache / @camillespz

                               BELOW - Solo 10 seconds films

It was my first animation project, I wanted to retransmit the universe of the backroom's through this format. It was a really enriching project because I could learn the rig and the animation and especially a step in the construction of a project

                                                                          Thank a lot for your attention !

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