3D Props and projects - A Collection

3D Props and projects - A Collection

John Gustafsson
by Johngust on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Last year I decided to pursue a dream of being able to work in game development as an artist. These are some of the things that I have made since I started that journey.

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The Party Wagon - TMNT

The classic turtle van from the TMNT TV-series modelled in Maya. I used Substance Painter for texturing and baking.

This was made for a 4 week assignment. My goal was to achieve a mix of realistic and stylistic art style. 🍕🐢

I started out with a simple blockout to see how certain proportions would look in 3D based on multiple references that I had gathered from the cartoon and from similar cars in real life. At first I was thinking about making the car more in the style of old Volkswagen vans but I would find that it was harder to recognize the car.  I would end up mostly emulating the look of the van from the cartoons so that others would be able to identify the vehicle better.

Fan Art - Dominion fan

I made this for a school assignment where we would practice high poly modeling. I then made a low poly version of the same prop and used the high poly model in order to bake details on to the low poly model using Substance Painter.

Making this gave me a better understanding of the process of high poly to low poly baking as well as getting more familiar with high poly modeling. 

These are some images of the high poly model that I would end up using for the baking process. I feel like I got a better understanding of what type of details work well when baking and what can be added during the texturing phase. Looking back, I feel like I could have done more when it comes to optimization but seeing as this is somewhat of a hero prop I am still pleased with the results.

Time Rivals - Weapons and Props

This is some of the things that I made for a party game called Time Rivals that was developed in 9 weeks using Unity as our game engine.

My responsibility was mainly to make the weapons as well as some of the bigger props that played a central part in some of the levels. I also helped make a some of the animations and VFX in the game. Our Goal was to make an optimized game with good readability and a coherent art style. All the props where made using a low poly version with baked detail from a high poly normal map.

All the props shown are rendered in Unity.

My typical baking process is to make a simple model that I make a copy of in order to add more detail. I then bake those details to the previous low poly model.

This is how the weapons appear in the game. This is not the camera perspective that is used in the game but I wanted to give you a close-up view of how they look in-game.

The weapons, VFX and animation (and the duck) where made by me.

Background props and textures used in the scene (other than the duck) was made by some of the awesome artist on the team!
Ground texture and shader by: Line Skaraas
Backdrop pros and textures by: Kitt Holgersson

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