3D characters, props and creatures game ready 2022

3D characters, props and creatures game ready 2022

Arthur Rudloft
by ArthurRudloft on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone, I'm sharing my best work from my time at Artside, last year. I hope you'll enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed doing it !

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Final Project at Artside

For my latest project, I chose this concept of JIANFENG Xing. (here)

A base was modeled on Zbrush. Then I made a retopology with Topogun. This allowed me to retrieve via a bake the main information of the highpoly mesh, such as the ambient occlusion or light information.

Then I imported it on 3D coat, I started from this base to create a hand painted texture.

Here is a simple workflow that presents the blocking, then the high poly, then the texture process that starts with a greyscale phase, and finally the final render.

Realistic props

I chose a concept by Yefim Kligerman (hereto make one of these props. The concepts were made for the game “God of War”, so I was inspired by the artistic direction of this game to make the axe.

The workflow is quite classical. I fully modeled the axe on Zbrush, I built a retopology on Zbrush too. Then I made a bake of the highpoly on marmoset.Then I sent the maps to Substance painter. I was able to make the texture in this software. The presentation was made with the Marmoset toolbag software.

Here we can see the details of the highpoly sculpt. The powerful Marmoset toolbag software allows you to render with it. It can display several millions of polygons.

Here is a quick introduction to the process of creating the props.

Cartoon creature

Here is a cute creature, based on the Ovopack concept (Ovopack tumblr page here). 

This creature was made with ZBursh. The texturing was done in two parts. First, it was handpainted on zbrush. Afterwards, some touching up was done on "Substance painter" for the gradients. 

Then it's a simple unlit render in Marmoset toolbag that gives this effect. I had fun testing some shader toons that seem to fit the Ovopack universe. 

The texture is only on a 2048 by 4096 pixel texture to save resources. A single albedo map is suitable for a cartoon style. The colour information is enough for this effect.

Realistic Cloth

Here is a simple exercise done at Artside. The idea is to understand the creation of clothing in a realistic way.

I was inspired by a very interesting existing garment: here 

To quickly make the garment I started a blocking on the Marvelous designer software. Then I corrected the shapes and folds on Zbrush. After retopology and bake, I finally added a texture on substance painter.

Thank you for sticking until the end. Have a nice day!

Thanks a lot to my teachers at artside for teaching me so much.

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