"Yes, my Sword" is a 3D action game designed to present the player with intense challenges of short duration that force them, through trial and error, to perfect their gameplay, improving with each attempt until they can complete the game in less than 5 minutes.

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Take on the role of a demonic sword and use your enemies as a weapon: possess enemy soldiers to annihilate them all by making use of their own skills and your infernal reflexes in this bloody action adventure.


At the start of the game, the player will be presented with an intro video explaining the story of the game. Inmediately after, the first level will begin in which, the player will start by controlling the sword as an independent entity, close enough to an enemy to call and posses. The player will have to kill a minimum number of enemies indicated by the interface, after which they will be able to complete the level and start the next one by going through a portal. Once all the levels are completed, the player will be shown their overall score, an evaluation that will take in to account total number of enemies killed and the time it took to do so.

In each level the player will need to be able to evaluate their surroundings, analyze enemy routes and learn the attacks of each enemy in order to master each enemy's gameplay to overcome the levels successfully.


Regarding the concept art we sought to find a balance between a well-organized army and a natural terrain, with characters and structures that were sufficiently distinguishable and giving the impression that they belong to the same place.

3D Characters

Being few people and having a large workload ahead we tried to streamline the process as much as possible, by using elements such as smart materials to quickly texture multiple elements consecutively or reusing models and altering them slightly to obtain new results, creating a production pipeline as direct as possible.

The enemies being the entire focus of the game got the most work time out of every 3D asset in the game.


The end of our rookie years

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