Violette Talalaeff
by Axol, LucasCros, and VioletteTalalaeff on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

TRAUMA depicts the physical and emotional consequences of a knock-out and the beauty of violence.

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TRAUMA is a 30 seconds short film directed by Maxime Foltzer, Axel Sence, Astrid Novais, Lucas Cros, Estelle Bonnardel and Violette Talalaeff as a 4th year project with the theme "Spaces and shapes" as a constraint. It was done in 14 weeks using Maya and Arnold at MoPA School. 

It depicts the consequences of a knock-out on the outside and the inside the body, and how beauty and violence can exist together. The theme was very inspiring for us, it allowed us to explore a lot with a focus on colors and abstract shapes.

Early researches for our two characters. 

We were looking for two very distinct silhouettes, with bold shapes and crazy muscles that would would provide a feeling of power and strength at first sight. 

Concept art

We were looking for  abstract shapes, bold colors and a sort of grunge, destroyed look to give our final image an imperfect feeling.

Eagle and Bull 

Final designs and props design

TRAUMA storyboard

Concept for the final scene

It had to be visually impactful, violent and beautiful at the same time. 

From storyboard to final shot

The crowd was made of low poly silhouettes (planes or in volume), and distributed in the room using MASH

From concept to final shot

Our main goal was to stay as close as possible to our concept

Final shot

Different tests for the final shot and the outcome

TRAUMA making-of

A turn of our main character Eagle, FX and compositing breakdowns 

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