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Stephanie Borg: Game Development

Stephanie Borg: Game Development

by stephanieborg on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi my name is Stephanie, and I'm currently an honours student at CDW Studios and Flinders University. I have developed a huge interest in Concept Art, 3D modelling and Interface design. I really enjoy combining different areas of creative practices, techniques and skills to create thoughtful and detailed environments.

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Control Room: I.O.U.

The concept for my major project was to create a 3D secret government agency room inspired by the brutalist architecture and retro futuristic offices from the video game Control. I separated the room into 3 office spaces, a meeting room table area and a corridor/entryway. There are also pop culture references throughout each space.

Office 1

3D Models and Interface Design

Below are closer shots of the monitor, keyboard, mouse and mousepad models separated from the main scene. Also featured are slightly worn off stickers referencing The Office and Daria. The floating UI above and to the sides of the monitor is my interpretation of adding futuristic elements to a retro design. 

The interface is inspired by retro aesthetics and also features references throughout the text to Legally Blonde and American Psycho.

UI Design

Below includes documents, book covers, posters, polaroid's, labels and envelope designs.

Office 2

3D Models and Interface Design

Below is the monitors and floppy disk drive models separate from the main scene that also feature worn off stickers referencing Sailor Moon and the Gameboy. The small blue monitor also references BMO from Adventure Time.

Office 3

Below is text within the scene that includes pop culture references. The two documents have "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" repeatedly written all over it, which is a line from The Shining. The business card and post it note are American Psycho references, and the poster is a Fight Club quote.


Meeting Room Table


I.O.U. stands for the International Office of the Unfamiliar, and below are logos, motifs, signage and business cards featuring that branding. The purpose of these designs are to implement them throughout the scene, like on documents, tea bags, labels and etc. 


These are minimalistic posters featuring I.O.U. or the number 8 which refers to the sector number the room is in.

These are geometric abstract posters that feature a more retro aesthetic. 

Phone UI

Other Models

Weapon Design and Modelling

These designs and models are inspired by the visuals and narratives from the video game Elden Ring and the movie series The Lord of the Rings. This mini project is in relevance to my exegesis question "how can 3D benefit 2D concepts". I'll be addressing this question by experimenting with a variation of 3D and 2D practices and documenting the benefits, individually and together.

Jade Sword

This sword is made out of jade and marble and features little bits of gold detailing, like in between the leather wrap and on the vines and thorns wrapped around the handle. This is a very heavy and brute force sword, but is realistically more ceremonial than functional.

Below are some progress shots of the initial modelling process. 

Experimenting with different textures, lighting and various cut outs to somewhat realistically distribute the weight of the blade.

Final adaption before proper lighting and editing.

Crown Sword

This sword features royal aesthetics which is encouraged through the use of procedural textures, jewels and a triangular shape to resemble a crown. The lines surrounding and passing through the jewels also reference a flag.

As you can see the initial designs and models for this sword were very different.


This sword features numerous nature elements like the gold vine with little leaves on it wrapped around the cup guard, thorns scattered on the outside of the knuckle guard and a procedural leaf and flower texture on the cup guard and smaller areas of the sword.

Close up of the Final Three Swords

Loot Room (update)

Last year I shared the initial stages of a loot room I was modelling inspired by video games like Apex Legends and Borderlands. This room features sci fi and futuristic elements with this style being encouraged through emissive attributes. I will be presenting the second and finished half of this project. 

Spider Bomb Model and Design

Charging Station

Screen Design

Updated Door Model

Grenade and Flashbang Model

Health Cannisters 

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