VFX - Grooming Artist

VFX - Grooming Artist

Filip Leurs
by filipleurs on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey, I am a grooming artist who graduated at DAE last year. Creating hair and fur for characters and creatures for VFX is what intrigues me. For these projects I made the grooms / lighting and shading. The models belong to other artists who are mentioned in the entry.

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My first animal groom. This was done with the interactive groom tool where you basically comb the hairs into place more or less. As the lioness fur is fairly short this was the best tool to use. Really glad with how the clumping in the neck turned out.

Model by Gael Kerchenbaum

Guides to create the shape:

This male groom was made in Xgen / Maya and rendered in Arnold. For this I decided to use a headscan from 3Dscanstore as a more accurate basemesh than a gray head. Way more fun to see the groom on a finished head afterwards.

The hairs were split up in multiple grooms that made sense: Hair / Beard / Moustache / Eyebrows / Eyelashes / Peach Fuzz. All of them were done by hand placing / shaping the guides for maximum control, only the peach fuzz was done interactively as this made more sense.

The next images give an overview of the final result, the hair isolated and the guides it took to create the hairshape:

An overview of the progress after the initial hairflow was blocked out.

-First image shows the hair without any modifiers. Only width variations and various mask/desity maps are painted here.

-Second image shows the hairs with the various clumping modifiers added to each groom.

-Third image is the final result after refinement with clumping, noise, cut and other modifiers active and setup individually for each groom area.

The first groom I did. For this I made a Hair / Beard / Eyebrow and Eyelash groom. This is the project that started the love for grooming and inspired the other grooms.

Model by Saurabh Jethani

This Lynx groom project is still a work in progress (WIP). The groom is fully being made in Houdini.

Model by Gael Kerchenbaum

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