The Rookies Awards 2022

The Rookies Awards 2022

Maxime Guinaudeau
by MaximeGnd on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is a selection of my best projects.

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Hello, welcome to my Rookies Awards 2022 entry! Part of the work I will show you are school projects and others are more personal projects that I did for fun.

I hope you will like it!

Captain America

The first project I want to show you is the Captain America modeling that I did after Corey Smith's character design. The project was done in a week and helped my to improve a lot on my modeling speed.

Shaders and Wireframe


Turntable and Wireframe

Tory Fanart - Facial Blendshapes

I modeled Hong SoonSang's character "Tory". This project was about discovering blendshapes, this is why I wanted to work on this cute and expressive little girl.

Blendshapes with Wireframe

Video turnaround of the full character modeling


Let's keep going with a props. I also love to model hard surface objects that's why I created this modeling based on Jake Parker's concept.

Render and Wireframe

Another render view

Ghen the warrior

In this project, I sculpted the character that is my own design directly in pose. It was really challenging but allowed me to keep my work lose in Zbrush. 

Ghen is a broken man that lost control of himself the day his little girl was killed at his home. It was my first steps in charadesign in 3D but I loved the experience a lot.

Turntable and Wireframe

Master Oogway

I wanted to end this entry with a more joyful illustration. I sculpted and rendered this Oogway fanart in a day for the sculptober 2021 challenge. I allowed myself to play with the design ofmy favourite turtle character!

More render views

Thank you for watching! I hope you liked my work.

You can check all the work in my demo reel below, have a nice day!

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