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Albin Bång - Props Artist

Albin Bång - Props Artist

by AlbinBang on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my first entry to the rookie awards! I am a student at the Game assembly in Malmö Sweden, I mainly focus on hard surface weapons and equipment. My goal is to create seamless models as close to reality as possible

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Camera Rig featuring the Red V Raptor camera

I was inspired by the complex shapes of the Red V Raptor camera when it was announced.
I wanted to challenge my skills by modeling the camera with a full camera rig

estimated time spent:

Stock AK-47

The AK_47 was appart of my portfolio to enter The game assembly.
This piece was focused to show my skills with wood and metallic materials, 
as well as my knowledge of hard surface modeling.

estimated time spent:

Costum AR-15 high-poly model

This is the High-Poly of my latest project. A costum AR-15,
designed for use in spec-ops missions and scilent assassinations.

Mainly for this project, I wanted to practise more advanced hard surface modeling,
as well as creating a weapon for an FPS (first person shooter)

My goal is to with this piece is to fix a decently optimised low poly and create textures
near perfection.

Estimated time spent:

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