Red Chandelier

Red Chandelier

by Deanna and Griff on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A 2.5d isometric Murder mystery set in the 1920s, that combines digital gameplay and physical feelies to solve the case and find the murder.

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Set in the 1920's, in a world where humans and fay co-inhabit, Lord Gawen Trethewey was found dead, at his home, Tremough House. A detective is called to the scene. As Helen Glossop, Cornwall's best Detective, you will solve the circumstances of Lord Gawen Trethewey’s death.

Featuring a mixture of Cornish mythology and the 1920's distinct aesthetic, 13 pixels brings you a visually rich, point and click puzzle game with a twist! Some clues you'll find within the game, others, you'll be able to hold and examine in real life!

Solve puzzles, find clues and talk with the guests around the house to solve the mystery of Tremough house!

Chrys Paparouni - Art -

Ollie Watkins - Art -

Daniel Griffiths - Art -

Deanna Marshall - Design -

Jack Denman - Programming -

Connor Rodgers - Programming

Elizabeth Withers- Writer -

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