Benjamin FRANCOIS 2019

Benjamin FRANCOIS 2019

Benjamin Francois
by benjaminfrancois on 26 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Portfolio of 6 projects made during the last 3 years in ESMA Nantes. Responsible for all aspects in Beyond the Sea, Vertebralis, A Flame goes out in the Maw and Project Shoes. Responsible for Lighting, Design, Shading and Rendering on The Fishstore and ZIP. (Fishstore character is from ESMA film Mescaliente)

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ZIP - Short film made during my 3rd year at ESMA Nantes with Audrey RIOUX, Nicolas GRONDIN, Camille DI DIO and Coline CESAR. Responsible for Modeling, Design, Lighting and Rendering.

The Fishstore - Team work with Adrien COMMUNIER, in charge of the Layout, Animation, Rigging and Sound. I was responsible for the Lighting, Texturing/Shading, Rendering and Compositing.

Beyond the Sea - Responsible for all aspects.

And a Flame goes out in the Maw - Responsible for all aspects. (All credit for the Little Nightmare universe, character, environment and concept goes to Tarsier Studio)

Vertebralis - Responsible for all aspects.

Project Shoes - Responsible for all aspects.

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 Collaborators: ninjaimpact camilledidio Coline CESAR and audreyrioux