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Land of The Magor - Graduation Project 2022

Land of The Magor - Graduation Project 2022

Nora Pikoszky
by NoraPikoszky on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My name is Nora Pikoszky and I'm graduating from University this year. Drawing has been my biggest passion since I knew my name and I've managed to get as far as to feel confident enough to enter the Rookies!

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Land of The Magor

Land of The Magor is my University graduation project.

In this concept art book, I explore a world inspired by old pagan Hungarian mythology as well as their more modern mythology and religion. There is a conflict of ideologies dividing the continent of Magra. Gods have fallen out of the graces of humans for wanting to become independent from their judging eyes, viewing their control of all fates as a shackle on humanity, preventing them from progress. However, on the other half of the continent, there are still people who are attached to the traditional and spiritual ways of life and wish to keep serving their gods.   

This book showcases the visual concepts of a set of characters from each of these sides as well as shows environment concept and illustrations with the aim of game adaptation.


The West Half


The East Half


Environment Design:

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