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Concept Art Year One

Concept Art Year One

Bianchi Jerome
by simpleshape on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I am a student concept artist at New 3DGE and I am very happy to show you some of my work done during the past year!

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During Jason Horley's class, I teamed up with two beloved friends and classmates, Yann Leblanc and Bryan Zapata to make a little story using keyframes. There are the three that I have done:


O'town is a mysterious place... Hidden in the lost forest of Autumn, it is a place where travellers that manage to get there can enjoy some peace. The time literally stops.

Done during Paul Riebes's class.

AUTUMN (Again)

During Léa Pinto's class we painted quite a lot of studies and i'm happy to present you some of them! The four below are one hour sudies.

(This is not) PARIS

Illustration done during George Varodi's course. 


Simon Kopp's course, here is the final painting with some sketches that led there!


Chara design, we had to create a bandit with an animal twist!


Personal work reworked during Christopher Young's Course. 


Designed during Wouter Gort's class.

The idea was to make a container and a weapon and we were pretty much free about it...

In this universe, giant robots help the planet recover from human warfare by using their technology to create different biomes. The Forest Maker creates a main tree that will, in the future, give birth to a forest. And the "Shotgun" plant seeds in the ground. After numerous uses, overgrowth takes over the gun and the seeds it produces are being used as ammunitions for futur weapons.


Two keyframes I have done during Jama Jurabaev's course! 

Castle design with Max Schiller

We had to create a castle that would be destroyed in a second piece. Damoclès is a God and, under its power, everything is at peace at all time.

But there is a cost to it, meaning that she can decide to reap off the planet and the living creature at any moment. 

This is it! Thank you :D

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