Photogrammetry and Modeling Showcase

Photogrammetry and Modeling Showcase

Julien Rollin
by SyntaX on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This showcase presents the progression of my skills in the fields of photogrammetry and modeling. This year I explored a lot of new techniques, therefore I will present some of my unfinished research, but also complete artworks done this year. I hope you enjoy these projects as much as I do!

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Photogrammetry Work 

In this section I will showcase my photogrammetry work where I found my workflow and scan cleanup techniques. I used Polycam for 3D scanning, Zbrush for cleaning the scans, Agisoft Metashape for textures reprojection, Maya & Redshift for Rendering. 

Faune endormi - Bouchardon, 1726 - 1730, Louvre Museum 

Aphrodite Statue - Unknow artist, Louvre Museum

Head statue - Unknow artist, Louvre Museum

Chinese Statue - Common statue. Scan done for a tutorial. 
Maya & Redshift

Seashell and stairs - 100% photogrammetry except grass and plants from Megascan. First complete scene done using my scans.
I used Blender for scattering using Scatter 5 plugin and Nuke for Compositing.

Modeling & Full project showcase

Squid Game Worker - From Squid Game Netflix series

This project is definitely my most ambitious one of 2022. I started the project when the Netflix series came out, but I had no skills in character creation. I learned from 0 Marvelous Designer, Houdini techniques for creating dots in the helmet as well as production retopology techniques. I learned so much in this project, I hope to finish it soon.

Full character modeled with Marvelous Designer and Maya. Houdini used to create the helmet. Basic mesh by Ty Ferrell.

Unfinished projet, still textures to do.

Artifact Ghost - Concept by Jenni Pasanen. 

This project was my very first one creating a full environment & plant scattering from scratch. I wanted to apply my Marvelous Designer skill in another project, which I tried by creating more conceptual clothes.
I used Blender, Marvelous Designer and After Effect.

Traffic Cone from Quixel Megascan

Haussmann Hotel - concept by Stefan Große Halbuer. 

I used Maya, Arnold Renderer with Toon Shaders and Nuke. This was a really fun project to do, in which I challenged my motivation to finish this piece

Forest Lake - Concept by Priya Mistry.

I used Maya, Arnold Renderer with Toon Shaders and Nuke. This is a quick project to play a little bit with volumetric lighting

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