Character Art for Game Development

Character Art for Game Development

Thamiris Jung
by Thamiris on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A selection of characters I've created during my studies.

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This character was created based on Greek's ancient history of Atlas. In this fiction she was the only one of his kids that was born without any super powers, and for that she was cast away. In her exile all she could think of was to prove Atlas wrong, for that she learned how to fight. But her arrogance was high and before being ready she picked a fight with Medusa. The pictures captured the exact moment she looked Medusa in the eyes and her body started to transform into stone.

The sculpting was done in Zbrush, Maya was used for the retopology, Substance Painter for texturing and Marmoset for the final renders. 


The Smuggler is one of the characters created for a personal project idea involving a steampunk post-apocalyptical world. 

Blender was used for the sculpt and retopology. The purpose was to compare the quality of Blender's tools against the common industry standard. I used four UDIMs to scatter all the UVs and used Mixamo's animations to check out the character in Unreal.

Back in Blender I posed the character for a few beauty shots and finally did a turntable of the Smuggler in Marmoset for a better overview.

The Gas Mask Kid

The project started as a deeper thought about the impersonality that the usage of masks has given to the society and how quick things can change from "fine" to "chaotic". The concept developed into thinking about how civilians react to times of chaos and destruction and into a study of how artists can portray certain emotions through one character.

The key points I intended to convey were of loneliness, powerlessness, lack of personal identity and loss of innocence.

The character was sculpted in Zbrush, Blender was used for retopology, Marvelous Designer for the garments. The Teddy Bear was also rigged so that I could adapt it's pose to the character's arms.

All was textured in Substance Painter. The final result was brought to Unreal for the turntable and scene set up. And back to Blender for the wireframe shots.

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